1A Trusted Supplier, Dependable Source

Our commitment to being a total solutions provider is reflected in our highly valued 1A Trusted Supplier status. As a Department of Defense Trusted Supplier, our U.S. facility provides completely secure manufacturing solutions that exceed industry standard regulations.

At i3 Electronics, we create leading-edge performance for mission-critical applications, execute our commitments flawlessly, and continue to invest our capital in strategic areas to strengthen our process capabilities. Most importantly, we offer best-in-class services that enable us to foster a culture of innovation and generate interdependent partnerships.

i3 Electronics, Inc. has received accreditation as a Department of Defense Category 1A Trusted Integrated Circuit Supplier for Packaging/Assembly Services by The Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA)

This accredidation puts us in a unique position to provide the government and government contractors a reliable and secure supply chain, free from counterfeit electronic parts. Due to our Trusted supplier Status we have supplied electronics for the following Defense & Aerospace applications :