Our design services – the total package

At i3, we are the premier supplier of leading-edge PCB and semiconductor package designs.

We maintain a highly skilled team of design engineers with more than 170 years of collective experience in the design and development of semiconductor packaging, PCB, and mechanical design and system development.

We can also develop your prototype in as little as five days. We fabricate 24/7 to ensure that you get what you need, when you need it. And we work with a wide range of options to get the prototype in your hands as soon as possible: 

  • panel sizes up to 24” x 32” 
  • variety of layers (2-52)
  • subcomposites
  • copper (0.5 – 3oz)
  • small (1-10) to larger lot sizes (50-400), delivered
  • delivered as an expedited service or normal scheduled delivery
  • choice of surface finish (ENEPIG,
    ENIG, hard Au, soft Au, Glicoat)
  • variety of laminate materials (Hi Tg FR4, Polyimide, Nelco 4000-13SI, Megtron 6, Isola 370HR, FR 406, 408FR)

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